Hands for Hope Vietnam Children Charity

We, and on behalf of all the children, would like to thank our dedicated and hard working team of volunteers here in Australia and on the ground in Vietnam, participate in fundraising events as well as carrying out all type of admin functions!

We would also like to thank our generous sponsors of our fundraising events such as the Melbourne and Sydney fundraising dinners.

And last, but no mean least – YOU! Our sincere and heart felt thanks for your kind and generous donations and words of encouragement. Without your support H4H would not be where we are today, and the 1000’s of children we have helped would still have a bleak future.

And our supporters, dedicated and hard working team of volunteers and members (past and current):

Ms Nhan Nguyen (H4H President)
Dr Le Duc To(H4H Chief Surgeon)
Ms Thu Duong(Medical Program Coordinator)
Ms Kate Ngo (Marketing)

Cao Nhan Lam
Cathy Vu
Courtney Russell
Crystal Tao
Di Lam
Dustin Truong
Dzung Nguyen
Hien Au
Jennifer Do
Kevin Truong
Ly Tran
Nghiem Le
Ngo Chuong
Ngoc Trang
Phuong Khanh Nguyen
Simon Kinnersly
Son Nguyen
Thanh Kham
Thy Nguyen
Trang Tran
Van Le-Hugh
Veronika Dang
Chau Xuan Hung

[we’re in the process of compiling this list, please bear with us]

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