Hands for Hope Vietnam Children Charity
Community Fundraising Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to assist individuals and organisations (you) that are planning fundraising projects to benefit Hands for Hope (H4H). These guidelines provide the basis for a fundraiser/event (Event) to be organised by you on behalf of H4H. If accepted, these guidelines will form the basis of any dealings between you and H4H in relation to the Event.

Fundraising approval
Please remember that the Event is not a fundraising activity for which H4H is responsible,
but a fundraising activity to raise funds for donation to H4H. Accordingly, the Event must
be conducted in your name and is your sole responsibility.
It is a legal requirement that any person or organisation fundraising in Australia must have
an “authority to fundraise”. You must not use H4H as your beneficiary charity until
you have received H4H’s written approval. H4H may provide written approval when:

  • We have received your completed and signed Community Fundraising Proposal & Agreement
  • We are satisfied that the Event is consistent with the objectives and values of H4H
  • We are satisfied the Event is not high risk
  • We are satisfied that the Event will produce a reasonable return after all necessary
  • expenses have been deducted

H4H cannot be responsible for the management or coordination of the Event. H4H cannot
provide public liability insurance cover to the Event, and recommends that you obtain
appropriate public liability insurance to cover the Event.

Fundraising and the law
You are solely responsible for ensuring that the proposed Event meet the requirement of
all relevant laws and regulations (including the Charitable Fundraising Act and regulations).

If you require assistance and guidance in this area, please contact Consumer Affairs
Victoria on 1300 55 8181 or visit their website at www.consumer.vic.gov.au.

The basic obligations of the Charitable Fundraising Act and regulations are to:

  • Provide H4H with a fairly accurate estimate of the income and expenses associated with the Event
  • Keep accurate financial records
  • Money raised and details of your actual income and expenditure must be provided
  • to H4H within 4 weeks of the Event
  • Where necessary and/or appropriate, set up a separate bank account that mentions H4H’s name. All money raised must be banked into this separate bank, and the account must be closed after the Event.

Using Hands for Hope’s name or logo
If you wish to use H4H’s name or logo on any materials, you must obtain H4H’s prior written approval. Any such material must be forwarded to H4H for approval prior to
being printed or circulated.

If you wish to promote or refer to H4H, you must refer to H4H as “Hands for Hope.”
Suggested wording would be “proudly supporting Hands for Hope” or “funds raised will be donated to Hands for Hope: Giving a chance, Making a difference.”

Record keeping and finance
You are solely responsible for all financial aspects, record keeping and management of the Event. You must also comply with the Charitable Fundraising Act and Regulations.

H4H cannot pay expenses incurred by you, but you can deduct your necessary expenses
from the proceeds of the Event, provided that all expenses and deductions are appropriately documented, and your total expenses is less than 30% of total proceeds.

H4H can provide official receipts for approved Events. Please remember that H4H cannot provide tax deductible receipts at this stage.

If you have any questions about any aspect of these guidelines, please contact us.

Thank you for supporting Hands for Hope!
Your important contribution will assist underprivileged children to break out of the poverty cycle.