Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Why Joining the Mentoring Program?

At Hands for Hope, we believe that mentoring provides the best chance for success for our Vietnamese students. It is an excellent way to be involved, on a personal level for both mentor and mentee.

Program purposes:
  • Providing mutually benefit for both mentees and mentors by exchanging language, culture, knowledge, perspective and life experiences
  • Giving our students the opportunity to learn and be coached by more experience people and or real professionals
  • Improve English / Vietnamese language skills
  • Fostering relationships and networking opportunities
  • Giving H4H alumni, trainees and tertiary students a chance to give back to younger students
  • Providing the best environment for success for our students and their future

Who Can Become a Mentor?

  • Tertiary students with English speaking backgrounds
  • Professionals from Vietnam, Australia or abroad
  • H4H alumni and senior students (tertiary students / trainees)
  • H4H volunteers

If you believe in the power of relationship building and would like to grow and learn alongside a student, please register your interest today!

Sign up for the program starting May 2018!

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