Success Stories

Success Stories

The Cham Brothers’ Story – From Having One Meal a Day to Medical Graduates. We are proud to finally share the story of one of H4H’s education life-scholarship (a unique program that lasts for the duration of a student’s studies, as long as they continuously maintain high academic averages) recipients… Read full story

Once a child who used to tend the oxen, now a Doctor – Dr Tien Le “…as a child, I used to tend the neighbour’s oxen when I was not at school in exchange for loose money. On hot summer days, I rested under a big tree and dreamt away that one day I will become a doctor…” Read full story

A story of an alumni who gives back – Diem came from a poor family of 6 children from Quang Tri, Vietnam. She was one of the first few H4H Edu program recipients when we first established in 2000. She soon volunteered as Program Field Officer in her province from 2001-2010. Diem graduated with a double degrees in Russian literature and Japanese language… Read full story


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