Corrective Surgery

Corrective Surgery

There are very few things as life-changing as gaining independence and freedom from a physical disability. Unfortunately, most families in rural Vietnam simply do not have the means to provide this for their children.

  • Poverty rates in some rural communities are as high as 93%.
  • The average ethnic family lives 86km from a provincial hospital.
  • Minor procedures, that are nonetheless life-changing, are inaccessible.
  • Many children require only a 20-minute procedure to have the ability to walk normally again.
  • An average corrective surgery to restore independence only costs AUD300-500.

If you found these facts unsettling, you aren’t the only one. To date, we have changed the lives of 1,308 children by providing free corrective surgeries and rehabilitation to alleviate their disabilities.

Because so many of these children require consistent care due to their disabilities, they will never have the potential to be self-reliant without your help.

Independence is an enormous gift. With independence, comes the ability for these children to fully participate in the community around them and live fulfilling, rewarding lives.


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