Nhan Nguyen
Founder & Chairperson

Nhan grew up in poverty. She appreciates the values of education her parents gifted to her. Compassion was instilled in Nhan from her childhood days, seeing her mother helping the same beggar every morning at 10am. Her passion to change people’s lives for the better motivated her to co-found Hands For Hope in 2000.  She has been selflessly and tirelessly leading the charity voluntarily since then.

Nhan has a degree in Business – Accounting. She is a CPA with over 20 years of experience working as a senior finance leader and business partner for top 200 Australian companies and not for profit organisations including Melbourne University and The Australian Red Cross Blood Services. She continues to bring her business acumen, inspirational and authentic leadership to Hands For Hope. Her accounting and finance expertise helps shape and strengthen Hands For Hope’s financial health and sustainability.

Nhan has been volunteering and providing pro bono business and accounting services for the charity and not-for-profit sector for over 20 years. She has a solid network and influence in the Australian – Vietnamese community.  She inspired many young talents at the very early age when she voluntarily led Hoa Nien Group from 1993-2000 and together they drove a strong youth movement that touched, influenced and inspired the lives of thousands of young Australian Vietnamese over the past three decades. Nhan leverages her network to become a conduit of many impassioned talents to Hands For Hope since 2000.

In 2017, Nhan takes a year off from her professional life to work full-time, unpaid for Hands For Hope. She is determined to reinvigorate and steer the charity towards 2020 on a journey of sustainable growth.


Van Le-Hugh
Managing Director

Van came to Australia as a young refugee child and grew up making her living as a Marketing Professional in Melbourne Australia before she left to explore the world in 1995 and ended up on many different shores from trekking to Everest Base Camp to living in Europe and the Caribbean. Life was good and she lived for the most part, quite self-centred.

Today Van is an active member of the community here in Melbourne and also participates in different charities and relief efforts in Vietnam.

Van reflects that whilst donating to a charity is often easy and convenient, volunteering on the other hand is not as easy, is more often inconvenient and requires passion, dedication and time. Van now brings her business acumen and passion to volunteering and joined Hands For Hope as Managing Director in 2014.


Lien Huynh

Lien credits her two children’s free access to the government schools in Australia for making her believe even more strongly that all the children in the world should have an equal opportunity to receive free quality education, especially the children in Viet Nam.

In late 2017, after taking a long break to focus on family commitments, Lien has brought her over ten years of management accounting experience back to Hands for Hope as our treasurer. She hopes to continue her work towards making a difference, with the goal that all of the opportunity provided will unleash the children’s awesome potentials and help break the poverty cycle.



Hands for Hope is a team of impassioned volunteers who are making a difference by being the change they wish to see in the world.


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