Education Program

Education Program

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Our sponsors embody this statement by believing that education has the power to change, not just the life of a child, but of their entire community. One child’s education can have a positive ripple effect that has no limit to how far it can reach.

With this in mind, the education program’s aim is to promote affordability and equality by helping underprivileged children attain schooling in early and late primary years.

How do we do this? With your help!
Hands for Hope’s education program specifically targets children:

  • From disadvantaged backgrounds, including orphans and ethnic minorities
  • At risk of quitting school and becoming targets of child exploitation
  • Who have shown a desire to learn and achieve through their current grades

Our sponsors cover all school fees, including the costs of uniforms and textbooks, which stand as obstacles to the enrolment of underprivileged children. After enrolment, H4H keeps direct and regular contact with the students to encourage and mentor them, not only stay in school, but to achieve high standards as well.

Countless children in Vietnam are begging for the opportunity

To learn

To grow

To see a brighter future with endless potential.


You can help give them that »


Chúng tôi nhận đơn xin học bổng quanh năm. Học sinh và sinh viên có hoàn cảnh nghèo hoặc khó khăn và thành tích học tập cao có thể nộp đơn. Học bổng xét duyệt mỗi đầu học kỳ

Tải thông tin từ đây: Thông Tin CT Hoc Bổng GMBT(H4H)

Tải đơn từ đây: Đơn Xin Học Bổng 1802


Some of our current students and graduates from Central Viet Nam (July 2017)

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